Our Vintage Citroen Tour

Just as it was getting dark, a vintage Citroen picked us up at our hotel and took us on a tour of Paris at night. It was fabulous! The top was open, but we weren’t allowed to stand up while the car was moving, of course, so it was a little difficult to get photos through the tiny windows. But we did the best we could, wind in our hair, and ostensibly about to get hit countless times. It was really a fun experience.

Here’s our little vintage Citroen – isn’t it adorable? Our driver was a native Parisian who’s working on his PhD in history at the Sorbonne. He was SO nice, and SO knowledgeable about all things “Paris.”


Vintage is a fancy word for “old.” That shiny exterior hid this seen-better-days interior. The car was a stick shift and it lurched and coughed and sputtered in the heavy traffic, all the time with the driver dodging other cars and rattling off fascinating tidbits about Paris.


Driving down narrow streets through crowds of locals and tourists all gawking with envy at our cool Citroen.


The Pantheon


The Arc de Triomphe


The colorful ferris wheel at the end of the Champs-Elysees.


St. Sulpice Cathedral, the second largest church in Paris.


Our tour started at 9:30 and our driver managed to gt us to the Eiffel Tower at precisely 10 pm so we could catch one of the evening hourly 5-minute light shows.


Another view of the Eiffel Tower.

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