Cliff’s Apartment

Don’t you think it’s fun to check out other people’s homes, especially when they’re quite different from our homes? I sure do.

Like I said, Cliff’s apartment is amazing, eclectic and cool. It has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It’s hard for me to count bathrooms in Paris because the toilet is in one room and the sink, shower and/or tub are in a different room. And there’s not always a 1 to 1 ratio. In Cliff’s case, he has 3 toilet rooms: 1 with a toilet only, and 2 toilet rooms with the tiniest sink I’ve ever seen: 8 x 15 with a 1-piece faucet included inside that space. And 3 of the bedrooms have an ensuite bathroom with a shower and the master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom with a tub and shower. He has made one of the bedrooms into an office. He has a large living room with a big dining room between the living room and the kitchen. And like most Parisian kitchens, his is compact but has a little breakfast nook at one end. The apartment has lots of windows with heavy French doors in the living room and each of the bedrooms as you’ll be able to see in the photos. Even the kitchen has a big double window that can be fully open. And nobody has screens on their windows. He has rugs from all over the world, a wide variety of artifacts that embellish his varied collection of furniture, and an especially eclectic collection of lamps and chairs. He lives on the 3rd floor which in Europe is called the 2nd floor since the bottom floor is called 0. It has a tiny little elevator that was added to the building at some point and it holds 3 or 4 very friendly people without packages.

The entryway.
Nice kitchen with great windows. Door on far right opens into laundry room.
High tech oven, cooktop, and microwave. Cupboard in center of photo above red box is his water heater. Dishwasher but no garbage disposal.
Looking across the dining area into the living room.
The dining area. Notice the metal Egyptian portiere in the doorway in the middle of the photo.
The living room. The Egyptian hand-carved wooden screen in the center is in front of 2 big sets of French doors that open to a faux balcony. And that painting from Uruguay hanging over the mid-century modern credenza is huge! Artifacts from around the world can be found artfully tucked around every room!
One of the bedrooms that he’s converted into an office. I call it the orange room.
One of the toilet rooms with a little sink.
One of the ensuite bathrooms. Each of them has a heater/towel warmer.
The ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom.
The master suite. Check out the interesting jester chair next to the fireplace. And what is that long wooden piece in front of the shutters?

Needless to say, we’re enjoying our home away from home!

One thought on “Cliff’s Apartment

  1. I love that black and white kitchen table and chairs and the lamp with the dangling chains. The lamp with the red bulb was to my liking also.

    Mom would have liked the orange sofa I think.

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