(Scarce) Paris Cats

I keep an eye out constantly, but we just don’t see that many cats. With a serious rat problem, it seems like Paris needs more cats!  I would love to do a big, long post just on cats. Unfortunately, this post includes every cat we’ve seen since we’ve been here . . . a whopping 6 cats!

Okay, he’s on the 3rd floor. The window is closed. He’s looking down. Now what? (I don’t want to look..)


This long-haired beauty was almost hidden by the surrounding vines.


Roommate to the previous cat, this one decided to go for a walk, which he did straight down the alley. (If you look closely, you can see his roommate sitting in the window to the right of the bike’s red child seat.)


This cat came and went out of the creperie across the street like he owned the place.


We noticed he was still inside after the creperie closed at night, so maybe he did own the place.  Or maybe he was just the night watchman.


And then there was La Pere Lechaise chat.


This orange restaurant cat can’t understand why Chuck won’t let him help order off the menu. He KNOWS what’s good here!

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