Local Parks and Playgrounds

I love all of the little parks we come across as we’re walking to the different sites in Paris. On the way to the Musee Marmottan Monet, we ran across a funny intersection with 3 parks around it. And they were all very different – something for everybody. It was a beautiful day and the parks were getting a whole lot of use by a wide variety of individuals.

This bigger-than-life statue with his bird, his dog, and his missing hand were at the corner of one of the parks and we never could find any identification on them.


An interesting beehive. One side was clearly a beehive . . .


. . . while the other side showed how the beehive appeared to be attached to 1/2 of a tree trunk and then had grass growing out of it. Interesting…and odd.


One large area in one of the parks had adult exercise equipment in it . .


. . . and this guy was taking full advantage of it.


I don’t know what this blooming tree was but it was gorgeous.


A common sight in Paris parks: This fully-dressed, older man laid out his blanket, stripped down to his bikini, and laid down to catch some rays.


These 2 little girls were having a ball while their mother struggled to do the heavy lifting and pushing on the other side of the teeter- totter.


Near the chilldren’s playground was a kiosk that sold all kinds of children’s toys, games, and snacks.


I ran across a fenced area that had several children inside in what appeared to be a pre-school class. The class dismissed after a bit and young mothers came by the pick up their toddlers, and all of the conversations were in natural English. Hmmm…. After the children left, these doll strollers were parked at attention until the children’s return another day.

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