Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens were packed and I swear every single chair/bench was taken. We didn’t stay too long, just took a quick look through the gardens and moved on. Not many photos.

I love this pool with the boats. Kids can rent the boats and then they run around the pool with their sticks pushing them off the wall whenever they get stuck.

I love the smile on this woman’s face as she enjoys her book. It’s great to see so many people in parks reading real books rather than looking at their cell phones.

And the little kids riding ponies are adorable. And some of them look like they’ve probably done this many times before because they really look comfortable riding.

See, I told you there weren’t very many photos.

2 thoughts on “Luxembourg Gardens

  1. Oh yes. I saw the South African flag on the boat!! Thank you Joyce! Such a thoughtful gesture! Looks like the weather is fabulous! Enjoy!

  2. I’m glad people are enjoying themselves in general and the pressure from Covid has eased somewhat!

    You’re pictures are capturing the heart of the people and the city.

    Great job as usual Aunt Joyce.

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