The World’s Largest Flea Market

Oh my! We made a visit to the Paris Flea Market, officially called Le Marche aux Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen (trans: the market of fleas in the Saint-Ouen area of Paris), and it’s amazing! It’s the largest concentration of antique dealers and second-hand dealers in the world, totaling more than 5 million visitors per year. The entire flea market covers 17.5 acres and includes 2,500 shops. It currently consists of 15 covered markets (Antica, Biron, Cambo, Dauphine, l’Entrepôt, Jules-Vallès, l’Usine, le Passage, Malassis, Malik, Paul Bert, Serpette, and Vernaison), five shopping streets (Rue Jules Vallès, Rue Lecuyer, Rue Paul Bert, Rue des Rosiers and Impasse Simon) and “merchant unpacking” on the sidewalks, each with its own identity. We spent a couple of hours at Biron Market which consists of 220 stores arranged in 2 huge parallel alleys totaling about 1/4 mile. Alley 1 in this market included antique furniture from all eras and origins, chandeliers, earthenware, rare paintings, mirrors, etc. Alley 2, which is covered, was more eclectic and more flea market. The whole flea market is a fabulous place and you could spend days there and not see it all.

The chandeliers in this shop were amazing. And it was only one of many similar stores in the Biron Market.
Look at the small chair in the lower center of the photo. It has antlers for a back and deer feet. And note the top hat hanging lamps above the chair. Fascinating stuff.
Need an antique stuffed leather dog?
. . . or maybe some dog busts?
And how about this chair? On your wish list?
I love this leather soft but how about that elaborate stool to the right of it?
This ball is a hanging light and if you look closely you can see a subtle light coming from the bottom of it.
Or perhaps you’re in the market for some lighted rocks.
Another shop with interesting lighting, mirrors, and more.
Another lighting store. How about that unusual one hanging in the center with the multiple shades?
This is the covered alley in the Biron Market with wares both inside and outside of the little shops.
A shop with amazing stained glass windows.
Of course, one of the most popular places in the Market was the cash machine!

One thought on “The World’s Largest Flea Market

  1. Oh my gosh! Now I need a vacation in Paris just to go to the flea markets! 👍😁. The stuffed leather dog was so cute. The chandeliers and other light fixtures were great too. Loving your blog. Your pictures are exceptional, as usual.

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