Bagatelle Park

The lovely 65-acre Bagatelle Park is within walking distance of the apartment where we’re staying. The property was originally home to a chateau that was built in 1777. After changing hands several times, in the 1830’s the then English owner of the park had it redesigned in the English style and added a second residence called the Trianon for his son. The estate was purchased by the City of Paris in 1905 and the park is one of four sites of the City of Paris Botanical collections. The Park boasts two rose gardens: the landscape rose garden and the classic rose garden. Over 4 acres of rose gardens include 9,000 rosebushes and 1,200 varieties. Although the roses don’t begin blooming until May, lots of other flowers were blooming, including lilacs, clematis, irises, narcissus, hyacinths, tulips, magnolias, peonies, and perennials, not to mention many blooming trees. The place was beautiful and smelled delicious!

Bridal wreath were everywhere and they were amazing!
The Park has lots of streams, ponds, and waterfalls with photogenic bridges scattered around.
Or course water means water fowl and there were plenty of them like these Mallards who acted like they owned the place.
This field of wildflowers was a favorite of the Canada Geese.
The view looking out from inside the rock formation in the photo above.
The short fence is to keep the ducks out but it’s not working.
This is the smallest chateau I think I’ve ever seen! They’ve completely restored the exterior and are currently working on the interior. I suspect it will be open to the public once they get it finished. The nearby Trianon is in disrepair also and needs a lot of work.
The front side of the chateau as seen across the chateau lawn and flowerbed. These narrow beds contained mostly spring bulbs that have already finished blooming.
Chuck walks under a pedestrian bridge near the chateau.
Other birds in the Park included many peacocks . . .
. . . and this really raucous Rook.
Between the Red Buds and the Cherry trees, we saw gorgeous pink blossoms everywhere.
Chuck admires fragrant deep purple lilacs near Empress Eugenie’s Kiosk.
The beautiful intricate interior of Empress Eugenie’s Kiosk.
Archways of wisteria and roses. The roses aren’t blooming yet but the wisteria are amazing. And fragrant.
While the rest of the roses along this wall aren’t blooming yet, this Lady Banks variety is an early producer with a showy mass of flowers.
The peonies are some of my favorites. There are so many varieties and they are HUGE! See 3 more below.
A very Monet-like garden.
The trees there were so tall and almost magical.
Isn’t this red tree beautiful!
What a beautiful day in the park.

5 thoughts on “Bagatelle Park

  1. The Monet like flowers were beautiful and your caption was spot on. So much to see when everything is blooming in Paris and so little time.

  2. Just beautiful!! Peonies are my favorite too, thank you for taking us on this virtual vacation, Joyce.

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