Napoleon’s Tomb

You can see the Hotel des Invalides, the home of Napoleon’s tomb, for miles.  On a sunny day, the golden dome is very impressive (this photo doesn’t do it justice).  And when you get inside, it’s even more impressive.

This is Les Invalides from the outside. It’s a pretty impressive building.


The grounds are very manicured. The building behind these shrubs is part of the Army Museum and is attached to Les Invalides.


The building is surrounded by a moat. At this point, it’s full of grass, not water.


This is Napoleon’s tomb. It’s difficult to get a photo that clearly shows the size of the tomb and the room.


The beautiful gilded ceiling. Once again, it’s difficult to show the size of this.


The marble in these columns is amazing. And it’s interesting that behind the altar is a glass window looking into another room, not mirrors or a regular wall.


The detail work on these columns almost looks fragile. And they’re so tall!


The main rotunda is surrounded by several smaller rooms like this one, each containing a tomb. This marble beauty is the resting place of Joseph Napoleon I, the elder brother of Napoleon, who made him King of Naples and Sicily and later King of Spain. He died in 1844.


Another of the side rooms, this one containing the tomb of Hubert Lyautey, a French army general who died in 1934.

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