Jardin Atlantique

The Jardin Atlantique (Atlantic Garden) is an 8.5 acre park that occupies the top of the Montparnasse Train Station.  It’s a real challenge to find a way into it but once you’ve conquered that challenge, it’s a cool little park and gardens.  It’s surrounded by tall office buildings and you can hear the rumble of trains below your feet.

Gorgeous Rhododendrons in a pretty orange color.


I don’t know what they are but I love these vines with their simple 4-petal white flowers.


Rats appear to be a serious problem in Paris. We’ve seen several of these signs, including this one in the park and then later on we saw a huge dead rat lying on the sidewalk.  Eeeew!  No, I didn’t take a picture.  You’re welcome.


Beautiful purple irises.


Love the wisteria. And the benches are of varied heights to accommodate both short and tall people. Nice1


One of the funnest things about the park is the play equipment, although some of the “kids” seem a little big.


The minimum age for this piece of equipment is 3 years so I guess it’s safe for Denise to ride.


Well THAT’S awkward!


I’m not sure what kind of bird this is but I love how his eyeliner and lipstick match.

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