Doors, Doors, Doors

ALL doors in Paris are very striking for one reason or another so doing a post on them seems almost unnecessary.  However, I always do at least one door post so here it is.


There are lots of pretend balconies like this in Paris. Sometimes they aren’t even big enough to go out on, like the bottom floor here. They protect little balcony bushes and sometimes disguise the fact that they’re actually security bars.  And sometimes they’re so tiny that you can step out on them, but that’s all, like the ones on the second and third floors. They’re only like a foot or less deep. But you’ve got to admit they improve the looks of any residence, especially when they so decorative as these are, so they’re a good thing.


Nice old doors in essentially good shape. Common.


These look very “old castle” and make you want to see what’s inside.


I especially like the blue glass balls at the top of these doors.


The whole corner entrance here is very attractive.  Love the red doors!


Eeew, this one is a little eerie and very old. There isn’t even a knob on the door. And what’s with the little bars to the right of the door? I’ll bet there’s a great story here.


This one is actually a tiny bar in our neighborhood. The whole front was so interesting I just couldn’t resist taking a picture.


Nice new-looking doors.


Once again, if you need to have bars on your windows, these are fairly attractive.


This whole door and frame are very impressive. It looks like they take you to apartments above commercial stores.


Some doors have beautiful knockers like this one.


We saw this in a church. The door on the right is a side door into the church. The door on the left is a mystery. Once again, I want to open that door and go in!


Beautifully carved doors, but are they afraid the cherubs are going to get away?



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