Street Performers

We commented several times on the lack of mimes on this visit. We only saw one mime and she was in Versailles.  We’ve never before been to Montmartre without seeing at least one mime and often several. But this time we saw none up there. Is it a dying art? I certainly hope not.  It’s a real mystery. On the other hand, there seems to be no shortage of the other usual street performers, especially on the pedestrian bridge between our island and the island that Notre Dame is on. It’s just constant entertainment  and we love it.  They really make Paris feel like . . . well, Paris.

This was the only mime we’ve seen since we’ve been here and she was down the street from the Palace in Versailles. She was cute though.


This guy was playing a Celtic Harp on the sidewalk next to Notre Dame.


Rollerblading is popular here, especially among the street performers. This guy was very talented at weaving in and out among the little cones.


Working accordion players are common on the Metro. And there’s nothing like an accordion to make it sound and feel like Paris.


This accordion player on the bridge near our hotel was taking a break and so was his little dog.


This marionette performer on the bridge near out hotel was one of the more unusual street performers we’ve seen.


Lots of guitarists playing a wide variety of guitar music. And selfie-takers are ubiquitous . . . and annoying!


This pianist sets up his piano on the pedestrian bridge near our hotel regularly and he’s fantastic. Sometimes other instrumentalists join him and they have a real jam session. What do you suppose he does with his piano when he carts it away at night?

One thought on “Street Performers

  1. Thank you so much Joyce for all your wonderful photos and captions. I have enjoyed every minute of this trip with you guys, and look forward to sharing many more with you in the future! Pam

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