Out and About in Paris – Part 2

These are the last of my odds and ends of photos around town.


We love the stalls on the right bank and the left bank (above) of the river. They all carry pretty much the same merchandise yet each is just a little different. Mostly they had vintage books, magazines, photos, and prints, and current souvenirs such as post cards, placemats, tote bags, keychains, jewelry, etc. I think the ones on the right bank had more original art by local artists.


Now isn’t this a bazaar window for a clothing store?


And what’s with all of the greenery in these MaxMara windows?


Cute store sign for a luggage shop.


In the window of a flower shop. None of these birds is real!


I thought this family scootering on the bridge together was cute.


Last time we were in Paris, we saw only one homeless man. This time we saw many of them, some of them in tents like this one that seemed to be well stocked.  As we walked by, we could tell he was watching TV inside.


The sightseeing boats are great because they have glass roofs for unobstructed views.


This was a Segway tour. Wish I had the nerve in Paris traffic.


There have been 2 mannequins on this restaurant balcony overlooking a street that runs parallel to the Seine for years. But the first time we went by this time, only the man was there and he was wearing a Me Too t-shirt. The next time we went by, the woman was back too but we were too far away to read their t-shirts. Darn! We missed another story!


We went to dinner early one night (at 7), and all of the tables in front of the sidewalk café were taken by people who obviously knew each other and at the curb were (illegally) parked several black cars with black windows and drivers standing by the doors. It was almost a little creepy. We kept saying these people all looked like they were waiting for something. (They were dressed like they were going to a funeral – were they waiting for a body?) Eventually this gal in the gorgeous white dress came and said hello to everybody and shortly thereafter they all jumped into cars and roared off. All of the outside café seating was empty. And we never did spot an obvious groom. Very strange.


Paris has a lot of motorcycles because it’s a lot easier – and cheaper – to park a motorcycle than a car. And they’re much easier to maneuver in tight spaces, and Paris is nothing but tight spaces.


This is the biggest gas station I’ve ever seen. Most gas stations are one parallel parking space next to one gas pump on the sidewalk. But this one is huge. It even has posts that guide you across the sidewalk and into the station and it has a mini-mart inside (behind the big green price sign).


When we were here 2 years ago and left from the Atlantic Garden, we ran across this exact same sight – 4 guys who work at the military surplus store (I think) having lunch (complete with wine) at a table in the driveway next to the store. It was like deja vu all over again (to quote Yogi Berra).


This woman had a tree in her backpack and was taking it home on the bus!


Up a winding, narrow flight of stairs in a very nice restaurant were the smallest bathrooms and shared sink I have ever seen. If you took too big a step back from the sink, you could easily fall down the stairs.  This bathroom did not look at all like the restaurant.


2 doors down from our hotel. Way too accessible!


Early in the morning, there were fishermen on the banks of the Seine where the night before people had been partying. I never did see anybody catch anything.


Rick Steves likes this bookstore near our hotel and so did we. It’s a fascinating place. And when the couple on the bench saw me taking photos, they stood up so I could take a photo of the bench too (below).


The bench at Shakespeare and Company.


Several years ago Paris took all of the Love Locks off of the bridges because they were concerned that eventually they wouldn’t be able to support the weight. Some of the bridges were even affixed with glass panels so that locks couldn’t be attached to them. However, this is one of the bridges that is starting to collect them once again.


Paris has a toilette shortage! There are no toilettes in the Metro stations – the only one I ever found was for shop workers only and one of the workers gave me the key for 1 Euro. There are toilettes on the trains but the doors are locked. We were in the park above the Montparnasse Train Station and we went down into the station to find a toilette. We finally found the one pictured which cost 1/2 Euro. But hey, it was clean! It’s one of those 4 step toilets: (1) Put your coin in the slot and enter and lock the door, (2) use the bathroom, (3) push the green button by the door to exit, (4) then the door closes behind you and the whole room is sprayed with water and disinfectant. They make me nervous. What if they just missed that one little step of opening the door when you hit the green button? And you came out drenched? Scary!

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