Louis Vuitton Foundation & the Jardin d’ Acclimatation.

Louis Vuitton Foundation

The Louis Vuitton Foundation is an art museum and cultural center that opened in Paris in 2017. And when you see it, it just screams Frank Gehry, the American architect who designed this deconstructivist building. The 2-story structure (2 stories? really?) takes the form of sailboat sails inflated by the wind. It has 11 galleries of different sizes and a voluminous 350-seat auditorium on the lower-ground floor and multilevel roof terraces for events and art installations. The exhibitions rotate and on the day we visited there were no major exhibitions, just a smaller one called Coming of Age. It was strange as was the demographic in attendance. It’s not your usual exhibition hall; the pieces of photographic art were not lining the walls in the room in the traditional way, but were hanging by wires from the tall ceiling or fastened to little stakes on a square raised platform. Hopefully it will become clearer in my photos below. Actually we thought the attendees were more interesting than the art.

Inside the building, it’s angles, angles, angles. And there’s a waterway running through it.
I liked the effect of the water running down the stairs and into the building’s waterways.
A big castle float served as a kind of trampoline for kids of all ages.
This was the main gallery we saw and it contained a photography exhibit built around the theme of Coming of Age. Some of those photographs are w-a-a-a-a-y up there.

The Louis Vuitton Foundation is adjacent to the Jardin d’ Acclimatation, a 47-acre children’s amusement park built in the 1860’s. We took a turn through it and it’s a fun place. It’s obviously very popular with families: it has lots of rides, plenty of food venues, a pretty little lake in the middle complete with boats, and some beautiful garden areas.

Built in 1875, this military dovecote was under the management of the French post office and accommodated 200 pairs of pigeons.

But the highlight of the park was this gorgeous white peacock. And he was such a performer. He was on one of the green squares in the garden areas and he paraded in front of the people on one side and then turned around and paraded to the other side. When all of the people finally drifted away, he went running after them. What a ham!

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