The Montmartre neighborhood lies on Paris’ highest hill which is topped by the iconic Sacre-Coeur Basilica. The lively area is well-known for it’s cabaret nightlife, bohemian artists, and pickpockets. We attended a show one evening at the famous Moulin Rouge nightclub and earlier in our stay we attended the Lapine Agile Caberet show – both are located in Montmartre. And we saw several artists in action.  Fortunately we ran into no pickpockets.

This is the first time we haven’t seen mimes in Montmartre.  In fact, we’ve only seen one mime since we’ve been here and that was in Versailles.  WHERE ARE THEY???


Everybody recognizes Sacre-Coeur, one of the main landmarks of Paris. On a clear day, it’s very photogenic.


The view from atop the hill near Sacre-Coeur.


We saw several artists in Place du Tertre, the square where local artists paint Paris scenes…and tourist caricatures.


I did like this artists’s work though.


Denise checked out some of the artists’ work.


An interesting inside-outside gift shop. A really cute way to display merchandise.


As young men, many famous impressionist had homes in the area and they painted in the artist squares. Many of the other buildings have been here for centuries too, like this vine-covered Maison Rose restaurant.


A cute window in the Maison Rose restaurant. To the right it says “in love.” I’ll bet there’s a really cute story here.


On the way back down the hill, we went by several yummy looking stores, like this elegant cookie shop.


…where these macaroons were in the window.

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