Rodin Museum

The Rodin Museum was museum #4 on a 5-museum day.  Whew!


Rodin’s house is very splendid and it’s my understanding that he had several roommates in order to afford to live there.


I think Rodin is most famous for The Thinker.


So many of Rodin’s statues are of downtrodden-looking figures. Don’t remember what the story is with these 3 guys


Rodin’s estate is very sizeable. Besidees a big pool with foundain, there’s a wooded area on one side that is home to several of his statues and a flower garden with walking paths on the other side..


And huge, carefully pruned pine trees.


Inside of the house, the woodwork is intricate, the chandeliers are frequent and the ceilings are high. I can’t imagine having to maintain this home.


I believe this is Rodin’s sister. She’s displayed next to a window and her eyes catch the light and just seem to come alive. She is exquisite.

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