Jardin des Plantes (Garden of Plants)

We payed a return visit to this huge, lovely garden located just a few blocks from our hotel.  Some of the flowers were in transition but it’s still a beautiful place and this time we included a trip into their sweaty old horticulture buildings that house many large, tropical trees.


One of the museums that sits at the far end of the park.


This really is an organized scooter tour group – a great way to see the park.


Many beautiful acrylic panels like this one on birds run along the walls and explain all things “garden.”


This is one of 3 old horticultural buildings we went into. (And aren’t those 2 pink flowering bushes spectacular!)


What a perfect place for a springtime tai chi class.


A most elaborate beehive.


Everything in the park is so clean. The care with which this guy cleaned this bench kind of explains it.


Of all the little gardens in the Garden of Plants, the Jardin Alpin (Alpine Garden) is hands down our favorite.


And here’s that weird underground entrance into the Alpine Garden that we’ve never been able to explain.


A young artist was nestled in the Alpine Garden drawing charcoal trees. It was a perfect setting.


I love these old stone benches and the narrow stone path that runs by them.


And a perfect pair of ducks cruising up the little stream that passes through the park. It just keeps getting more and more perfect.


In the middle of the Alpine Garden is this huge, gorgeous tree.


And last but not least, these are the biggest and most beautiful peonies we’ve seen anywhere. They are so unusual.




One thought on “Jardin des Plantes (Garden of Plants)

  1. I remembered visiting this place. The beehive and the horticultural building especially brought back memories. I have a real good picture of you and Uncle Bobby sitting on a bench.

    And I remember the lovely old trees. I think too there was a food stand or truck nearby where we got a snack and a drink.

    I’m loving this vacation Aunt Joyce!

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