Lumiere de L’Ceils Lamp Shop

When we were planning for this trip, we ran across an article about a Paris light shop called Lumiere de L’Ceils (Light of the Eye).  Located on the left bank, it was a challenge to find because of it’s location on a tiny side  street that’s only about 1 block long.  But perseverance paid off and what a delightful place this is!  In this tiny boutique/museum, the owner sells, repairs and collects antique lamps, lampshades and light bulbs.  His workshop in the back is also filled with lights being repaired and/or collected.  And he says he has many more at home.  They’re like his children; he knows their complete history, including when they were made and when and how he acquired them.  When I asked the shopkeeper if it was okay to take photos, he replied with a grin, “it would be a shame not to.”













2 thoughts on “Lumiere de L’Ceils Lamp Shop

  1. Did Cliff find any lamps to his liking at the lamp shop? Wasn’t it a great find? I remember we took a while finding it, but it was worth it. There were so many lamps in such a small space!

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