Musee D’Orsay

The D’Orsay Museum occupies an old train station and the building itself is a work of art.  The Museum houses French art of the 1800’s and early 1900’s – The Impressionists.  And who doesn’t love The Impressionists! They also have a lot of fabulous decorative arts collection that’s really fun. Here’s a small sampling of what we saw.

Here’s the front entrance. We picked a good time to visit because there was no line.


Looking through the main part of the building that was the waiting area in the old train station. It’s an amazing view through here.


This beautiful clock hangs at one end of the building. The photo is deceptive – – the light fixture in the lower left is large. The clock is HUGE!


There are windows along the galleries in several places and the views are spectacular. Here we see a view of the Louvre across the river.


Here’s a view through another of the windows. This time we get a view of Sacre-Coeur high on the hill.


Manet’s Infant and Cat. Does that cat not look contented?


One of Edgar Degas’ exquisite ballet class paintings.


There’s both a really nice restaurant and a coffee shop in the D’Orsay. I prefer the coffee shop because you get to eat next to this wonderful original clock. And the lights are pretty cool too. (And the food is good.)


This marble statue is amazing. The perfect marble looks so much like fabric.


A close up of the gown.


Don’t you just love this chair displayed in the decorative arts collection!


And how about this office furniture?


Beautiful arc deco glass panel. (Not quite sure what the ET-looking thing is in front of it.)


Bedroom Suite


Interesting lamp


Unique corner cabinet.


2 thoughts on “Musee D’Orsay

  1. I’m swooning over the art nouveau pieces! Seriously, makes my heart race a little bit!! Now tell me more about the marble statue!! How?! Marble wrapped around marble? Is marble layered like that?

    1. It was clearly several pieces, one for the dress (and what a gorgeous piece!), one for the scarf, the body, the hair, the feet, etc., even the belt. And I guess the scarf alone could have been 2 (or more?) pieces, we couldn’t tell. It seems to me that it takes real planning to make sure it will fit together when finished.

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