Musee de L’Orangerie

The whole point of visiting the Musee de L’Orangerie is because that’s where Claude Monet’s Water Lilies reside. We’re making the trip out to see Monet’s home and gardens at Giverny next week and we wanted to re-visit these 8 incredible paintings in preparation for checking out Monet’s inspiration for them. Indeed the paintings are displayed on 4 walls in each of 2 adjacent rooms as Monet had planned and they are amazing. The rooms are lit with only natural lighting (at least during the day) through a large oval window in the ceiling. And if you’re lucky enough to visit on a partly cloudy day, you get to see how the paintings change as the sun alternates between covered and uncovered.

Some of the photos look a little strange, caused by using the panorama function on my camera (and not very well, I might add). The Water Lilies are not wavy, they are rectangular.





I love this Renoir painting of 2 girls at the piano.


These 2 miniature vignettes are replicas of the collector and major donor’s dining room and office/library displaying many of the donated artworks.  These 6-8 inch “boxes” were inserted into the wall and were very interesting.


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