Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It’s been pouring down rain for the last 2 days – enough already!  And we’re not talking spring showers here – – we’re talking about rains with monsoon winds that make your umbrella turn inside out!

Yesterday morning, we went to find a Metro station with a photo booth to get our pictures taken in preparation for buying Metro passes.  After much hassle, we each eventually left the tiny photo booth with bad mugshot-quality photos in hand and took them to the Metro clerk for quick adherence to our shiny new Metro passes.  Have pass, will travel.  Later in the evening, we took the Metro to dinner and to see Au Lapin Agile.  It was Denise’s first ride on a Metro, always a unique experience.

In the afternoon, Denise and I went shopping in the rain and checked out our neighborhood.  Most of the shops have containers just inside the front door to stash drenched umbrellas so they don’t distribute water puddles throughout the tiny shops.

We took several photos of great doors in the neighborhood which you’ll see in a later post. Then just down the street from our hotel, we stumbled onto a huge Catholic Church, Paroisse St. Louis on I’Ile, initially not even realizing from the outside that it was a church as it extended unobtrusively along the sidewalk. But randomly people were entering and so we did too.   It was beautiful – and huge – inside.  And the windows were gorgeous.  After we got inside, the organ began to play.  It was perfect.



We haven’t had a chance to take Denise inside Notre Dame yet but we’ve walked by it several times and gotten glimpses of it, as well as the crowds standing in the rain waiting to get in.  In the meantime, this is our view of the back of Notre Dame looking across the river from our island.


Today, after hearing heavy rain on our roof all night, we once again woke up to torrential rains and temps in the low 40’s. After breakfast, we tried to brave the weather and walk down to the TI (tourism information) office to buy museum passes, but eventually discovered we aren’t really that brave afterall and turned around and came back to the hotel. Tomorrow HAS to be better!

Small World Dept: The 2 women staying in the room next to ours are from Coronado.

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